Post #8 – End of Semester Wrap-up

Throughout the semester, I not only wrote this blog, but I attended a course with lots of different guest lecturers. They discussed many different problems that are encountered as the world becomes more of a bigger unit. Out of these guest lecturers, I thought my favorite one was Bill Allen of the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

Professor Allen came in as a guest lecturer as our second to last lecture. In his lecture, he discussed the use of drones in terms of using them for journalism. The previous lecture was about military functions of drones. As someone who plays military games like Call of Duty, I am familiar with military drones.

When I saw that Dr. Allen brought in a drone and it was sitting on the front desk, that sparked my interest immediately. I usually associated the drone he had with more for recreational purposes. I never really thought that about using them to report current news.

He also taught us about some techniques and protocol to taking video from the camera of the drone. One example is to fly drones over land and buildings, but not over people. He also showed off some examples of drone journalism that some of his students or other professionals have done. One example 1i liked was a professional recording video of Chernobyl.

In addition to class throughout the semester, one requirement was to write this blog. I had the privilege of getting to write on the country of Jamaica. Before I started the blog, I didn’t know much about Jamaica except for there being beautiful beaches, great Olympic sprinters (mainly Usain Bolt), and them having a bobsledding team because of the movie Cool Runnings.

In that semester, I got to learn about the history about the country. I know they had English influence, but I didn’t know they gained independence from the British Empire until the second half of the twentieth century. I also got to learned about how the Jamaican government works within its boundaries as well as in international meetings.

More related to class, I got to research where Jamaica is in terms of climate change, women’s rights, and trafficking. Jamaica has participated in international issues and when given the opportunity, they go and try be pioneers in some programs. One example is Jamaica being a host of one of the first programs to help protect coral reefs.

Throughout the semester, I got to fall in love with a country that I wasn’t really familiar with. I also got to improve my writing skills with papers, homeworks, and this blog. It also got me to open my eyes to the world outside the United States. I will continue to become a student of the world we humans live in.




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