Post #5 Environment and Human Rights

For my blog this week, I’ll revisit some of what I discussed in my last blog, Climate Change, as well as to how that relates to human rights. In the prompt for this blog, we were given a link to this video of a Ted Talk. The speaker was Elizabeth Lindsey and she shared about her culture and the changes they have had to encounter.

She starts her talk by reminiscing the beach when she was seven years old and the elders of her island. She says that they rarely travelled, but when they did, they went to faraway places. She then goes on to talk about her adventures in Micronesia with her camera crew. The seven of them have 5,000 pounds of supplies with no transportation and hardly and communication with the outside world. One day, the group decides to move to another part of the island. While she couldn’t keep up with the pace of her group, she found to be by herself. An elder walked up to her and asked why she was moving so fast. Throughout the small conversation, she learned that she is rushing through life in order to feel a sense of being productive.


She then goes on to recall encounters with several different women in her many travels to different countries. The main point she is taking from these encounters is that in our world, we are trying to pursue other people’s lives to feel “worthy” (in other words, we are lying to ourselves of who we should be). She explains that that lie continues to live is because we keep give in to it.

As she is concluding her talk, she recalls a story about want to celebrating her getting a new job. Her elder dresses up for the occasion and they go out to eat. Afterwards, they go to the beach and look at the stars. The entire evening, the elder doesn’t ask her what she will do at her job. But she did ask one question, “will it make you happy?”. From that question, she emphasizes that we don’t have to go to exotic, faraway places to find out who we are. Instead, she wants us to think that, “We are enough, just as we are”.


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